Deniece Williams

Dairy Production Medicine Clinician

Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center
18830 Road 112
Tulare, CA 93274
Phone: 559-688-1731 ext. 223
Fax: 559-686-4231

Dr. Williams graduated from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003 and practiced dairy medicine in the Central Valley of California for 4.5 years. In 2008, she moved to Santa Cruz, CA and practiced small animal emergency medicine for 5 years. She returned to the University of California, Davis in 2012 and obtained her Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine degree in 2013. She became board certified in veterinary preventive medicine in July, 2013. Upon completion of the MPVM program, Dr. Williams began working in the Dairy Epidemiology Lab at the VMTRC until the start of the 2014 academic year, when she joined the VMTRC clinical program.
Field of Interest

Dairy Production Medicine
• Calf Health and Youngstock Management
• Milk Quality
• Transition Cow Management

Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
• Observational Studies of Dairy Cattle Health
• Outbreak Investigation
• Diagnostic Test Evaluation

Dairy Cattle Health
• Calf Health (colostrum management, respiratory disease)
• Mastitis
• Spatial Epidemiology of Disease

Published Papers

• Williams, D. R., P. Pithua, A. Garcia, J. Champagne, D. M. Haines, and S. S. Aly. 2014. Effect of Three Colostrum Diets on Passive Transfer of Immunity and Preweaning Health in Calves on a California Dairy following Colostrum Management Training. Veterinary Medicine International 2014.

• Aly, S. S., W. J. Love, D. R. Williams, T. W. Lehenbauer, A. Van Eenennaam, C. Drake, P. H. Kass, and T. B. Farver. 2014. Agreement between bovine respiratory disease scoring systems for pre-weaned dairy calves. Animal health research reviews / Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases:1-3.


• Spatiotemporal Patterns of Mycoplasma spp. in California Bulk Tank Milk. ESRI User Conference- July, 2014.

• Prevalence of Mycoplasma spp. in Bulk Tank Milk Samples in California: 2001 to 2012. NMC- Jan, 2014.

Clinical training program for 4th year veterinary students and residents
• Dairy Cattle Health and Production Medicine
• On-farm Monitoring and Prevention of Disease
• Reproduction
• Milk Quality

Epidemiologic training program for 4th year veterinary students and residents
• Descriptive Statistics
• Study Design
• Outbreak Investigation
• Diagnostic Test Evaluation
• Data Management and Analysis
• Computerized Dairy Records Analysis
• Critical Review of Scientific Literature

Service Clinical Service to Core Herds
Referral Consultations